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Double dot interlining
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  • Hot tie double point lining
  • Hot tie double point lining
  • Hot tie double point lining
  • Hot tie double point lining
Hot tie double point lining
Name:Double point non-woven fabric
Wide format:36
Color: medium soft
ingredient: hard
Gluing process:Black
Pressing temperature: white
delivery time: gray
Number of cabinets:Polyester
Product Details

Features: This product has good peeling strength, excellent hand feeling, washable and dry cleaning resistance. Mainly used in women's fashion, men's suits, jackets and other medium and high-end clothing neckline, body, threshold, welt and other parts. Our company's improved double-point lining, the glue points are evenly distributed and clear, and will not affect the lining's hand feeling differently. The different hand base cloth and the color base cloth give the garment a beautiful curve and shape, so that the clothing is satisfied. modeling.

Base fabric: 100% hot-rolled base fabric, polyester impregnated base fabric, nylon, etc.