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double side tape
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  • Hot melt adhesive web
  • Hot melt adhesive web
  • Hot melt adhesive web
  • Hot melt adhesive web
Hot melt adhesive web
Name:Hot melt adhesive web
Product Details

       The hot-melt adhesive web is a hot-melt adhesive which is made of PA and EVA rubber powder by drawing, laying and rolling into a mesh, and has double-sided adhesive property. It is easy to use, just clip it on the two layers of the fabric to be pasted and press it with an iron or hot press. It is used for the stability of the product, high adhesion fastness, good air permeability, dry cleaning resistance, good water washing performance, no foaming, no wrinkles, no glue, soft and elastic hand. According to the customer's needs, it can be cut into 15mm or 25mm small rolls for the threshold of clothes and the fit of the cuffs.