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How to use clothing lining
Announcer:Jelly  Date:2018/12/12 15:41:31  Views:871

Interlinings are often used in the clothes we wear everyday. Today, let's talk about how to use clothing linings.

Clothing dress effect

1. The dress is straight, rigorous, and contour-shaped. It is thicker in fabric selection, and more wool, blended, and chemical fiber fabrics are used. In the process of production, the large area is often thickened and shaped with a lining cloth to achieve the desired styling effect.

2, casual wear is easy, casual, cotton, linen, silk products are used in the fabric, in the process of production, we should try to maintain the texture of the material, such as the elegant flow of silk. There are fewer linings for this type of clothing, most of which are partially lining, not even used.

3, fashion is between a formal dress and casual wear, keeping up with the fashion trend of a clothing. It has both the contour of the formal dress and the fashionable elements of casual wear. It is flexible and free in the selection of materials, mainly based on the designer's intention. In the process of production, a small area is often used to achieve the effect of inner and outer softness.

How to use clothing lining

1. Under normal circumstances, non-woven lining does not need to be finished. If there is a woven lining, if the yarn is bent, it should be pulled diagonally to correct it; if the lining cloth is too tight, there will be a situation of hoisting, and the edge of the lining will be cut or cut off; if there is a folded part, It should be leveled by steam jet, and it should not be directly arranged by the iron.

2. When the lining cloth is cut, there is adhesive granule on one side of the lining cloth, and the adhesive surface should be folded inside when cutting. If the lining cloth is used in a large area, the lining paper should be prepared first, and the small lining cloth can be directly cut directly with the fabric pattern, such as the bag cover, collar, and cymbal.

The specific application of clothing lining

1. The use of clothing lining in three-faced clothing

The three-sided structure is widely used in men's and women's professional wear, and it has a strong structural features. Such garments are often woven with a woven lining and are not easily deformed after wearing.

2, the use of clothing lining in the oblique silk dress

The appearance of the oblique cutting technology is to fully utilize the unique dynamic function and drape of the diagonal silk fabric, which makes the curve of the body fully display and dynamic. However, due to the special nature of the cutting, it is easy to deform in the process of production and affect the overall effect of the finished product. Therefore, we often use the lining of the strip to shape it.