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Optional elements of clothing lining
Announcer:Jelly  Date:2018/12/12 15:34:13  Views:832

The garment lining is the material between the fabric and the lining, which is a key part of the garment. Therefore, fashion designers pay great attention to the choice of clothing lining.

The role of clothing lining

1. Garment lining is conducive to the shape, shape and shape of the garment;

2, clothing lining can reflect the stiffness and flexibility of the clothing;

3, it can enhance the drape of the fabric, taking comfort;

4, it allows the specific parts of the clothing to strengthen and strengthen.

If the style, fabrics, accessories, etc. are the external manifestation of the garment, it is the first impression or style of the garment, then the "lining" is undoubtedly the "skeleton" of the garment. In addition, people of different styles naturally have to fit his/her physique, so the choice of garment lining is also a big problem.

How to choose a garment lining

1. When choosing a garment lining, be sure to understand the fabric structure, fiber composition and finishing conditions of the fabric. Pay special attention to the selection and bonding conditions of the fabric lining of the finished fabric. In addition, it is necessary to grasp the discoloration of the fabric during high temperature pressing, and to grasp the heat shrinkage rate and shrinkage rate of the fabric during the bonding process.

2. According to the different parts of the garment processing, choose different garment linings. The blouse can be made of polyethylene-coated lining, which is characterized by water-washing, excellent performance and firm shape. It can be used as the main lining, auxiliary lining, cuffs and sills. The outer garment should be made of polyamide coated lining. Men's, women's and fabrics are thin and thick, and the right variety, suitable for large body, collar, bag cover and other parts; fashion, silk clothing can choose PA or PES coated clothing lining, this kind of clothing lining can give clothing light and thin Soft, overhanging style.

3, the final consideration is whether the color of the lining and the fabric match, especially the thin variegated fabric should choose the corresponding color lining. In addition, the heat shrinkage ratio of the garment lining cloth is not compatible with the fabric. The coating quality of the garment lining cloth is good, and the coating glue point is required to be full, no leakage point, no powder drop.